Du er her

Få en rolig morgen med dine børn


Oplever du, at jeres morgner præges af stress? Hvordan håndterer du søvndrukne unger, usmurte madpakker og genstridige flyverdragter? Del dine råd og erfaringer med andre fædre.

Efter at jeg som far oplevede nogle lidt "træls" morgener og med forundring kunne se, at det bare gled for min hustru, fik jeg ideen til en app, som vores familie har været fælles om at lave. App'en fungerer supergodt og skaber nogle rigtig gode morgener uden at jeg som forælder skal skynde på børnene. I kan læse mere om vores historie og om app'en på vores hjemmeside på www.godoitkids.dk

Strap, seeing my discomposure, fell upon his knees in the mud, uttering, with a lamentable voice, these words: “For Christ’s sake, have mercy upon us, Mr. Rifle! we know you very well.” “Oho!” cried the thief, “you do! But you never shall be evidence against me in this world, you dog!” So saying, he drew a pistol, and fired it at the unfortunate shaver, who fell flat upon the ground without speaking one word.
My comrade’s fate and my own situation riveted me to the place where I stood, deprived of all sense and reflection; so that I did not Carrera Sunglasses 2013 make the least attempt either to run away or deprecate the wrath of this barbarian, who snapped a second pistol at me; but, Louis Vuitton Outlet Borse before he had time to prime again, perceiving a company of Sunglasses Hut Outlet horsemen coming up, he rode off, and left me standing motionless as a statue, in which posture I was found by those whose appearance had saved my life. This company consisted of three men in livery, well armed, with an officer, who (as I afterwards learned,) was the

immediately let him blood, and saw him, with inexpressible joy, recover; he having received Louis Vuitton Outlet Borse no other wound than what his fear had inflicted. Having raised him upon his legs, we walked together to an inn, about half a mile from the place, where Strap, who was not quite recovered, went to bed; and in a little time the third servant returned with the captain’s horse and furniture, leaving him to crawl after as well as he could. This gentleman of the sword, upon his arrival, complained grievously of the bruise occasioned by his fall; and, on the recommendation of the servant, who warranted my ability, I was employed to bleed him, for which service he rewarded me with half-a-crown. The time between this event and dinner Nike Free Run Womens Gucci Outlet I passed in observing a game at cards between two farmers, an exciseman, and a young fellow in a rusty gown and cassock, who, as I afterwards understood, was curate

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